Bódy Adrienn (banjo, dobro)

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It was very romantic how I got to start to play the banjo: my first love left me. I was so sad that there wasn’t any other way to get out of it then to buy a banjo and learn how to play it. So I started to look for one in the shops of Budapest (which wasn’t an easy thing then). After several months of desperately seeking I finally found a shop where the manager promised me to bring me a banjo from Slovakia. So one day I was standing there with my brand new banjo in my hands trying to find out how to play it. Fortunately I met someone who gave me a book and that’s how it started.

After some years I discovered that in Slovakia and the Czech Republic there are bluegrass workshops and festivals so I started to travel. On one festival I saw Jerry Douglas playing and he gave me the inspiration to learn to play the dobro. And when I finally bought a dobro and found out how to play my friend called me to join Poa Pratensis...

So it really feels like a dream come true for me!