Tölgyesi Péter (bass, vocals)

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In the beginning 2 friends of mine figured we should have started a band, so I had bought a bassguitar and started learning how to play it. The things in the beginning were pointing in the direction of country music, in later bands I played rock and rock&roll. Today it seems that I only have country as partially active anymore.
In the past few years I became snob in acoustic music, but in an orthodox way. I have played acoustic guitar for a few years in the acoustic band called Szuterén, and wanted to play acoustically in future band I created/joined.
When the end of Szuterén was getting clearer we started thinking with Matyi and Katrin on how we should have continued. We wanted to play bluegrass, but for that we needed a bass player or a guitar player and me playing on the instrument the other new member don't. It seems fortune was gracious to the audiance, since we found a guitar player. My bass playing is definatelly the less wrong scenario.
I started being curious about double bass around 2002 on a bluegrass forumon here in Hungary, but didn't do anything about it for a while. In 2006 on a bluegrass workshop I played a song in the jam until my finger bleed, but even this didn't stop me, so I bought my first double bass in 2008 and a the second one in a half year and I plan to live happily ever after.