Milan Ikhardt (banjo)

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My banjo story began when I came in contact with tramping and visiting many festivals thanks to the popularity of bluegrass & country music in the Czech republic & Slovakia. From the beginning I was impressed by the fascinating sound of the banjo and also encouraged of the fact that nobody played it around me.

The banjo is a magical instrument. I felt the connection with it from the first time so I made build a brand new instrument (even though I've never played any banjo before :). I was lucky, that's why you can hear my Bells banjo on our concerts also today. I'm also the owner of a Průcha Professional banjo (built approx. in 1987).

I would like to mention some of the banjo players who have inspired me a lot: legends like Earl Scruggs, J.D.Crowe, Kenny Ingram, Eddie Adcock, traditional banjo players from the younger generation: Ron Stewart, Greg Cahill, Jim Mills, Terry Baucom and progressive players like Ron Block, Scott Vestal, Jason Burleson, Mike Munford and last but not least banjo players from the youngest generation: Jason Davis, Cory Walker, Zach Gilmer, Jessie Baker, Aaron McDarris and many others.

I’m satisfied when people can forget their everyday problems while listening our music
or if we are just entertaining and give a little bit of joy.