Band bio

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Our band was formed after the 7th International Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival, Abaliget, Hungary in 2008. The aim was to play bluegrass and nothing but bluegrass. Religious songs and songs from other genres were out of scope at that time. The good thing about defining what a band will do when it starts is that it can be changed later. Today Poa Pratensis plays songs from the traditional and modern bluegrass eras, with some songs adapted to bluegrass from other genres.

As music is not something that can be done only in a certain way; we have our own style of bluegrass. The attitude of the six individuals is what defines our music today and is sure to evolve over the coming years. It is influenced by the life and culture in Hungary, pop and rock music, amongst others and of course it has its roots in bluegrass music. For us, bluegrass music is not a job that has to be done, but something that we have to find ourselves in.

Poa Pratensis comes from Hungary, a country that has nearly no bluegrass life at all. With only 4 or 5 bluegrass bands moving around within the country; even a 2-3 year old band seems to an established part of the scene. We keep ourselves busy running the annual International Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival in Abaliget and the monthly Acoustic Club in Budapest to do our part to make the music more popular.