Szőke Mátyás (mandolin, banjo, vocals)

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Szőke Maja, Máté és Mátyás Well, I should write something here.

I was born in 1978 in the middle of autumn. I've done many things in the past (I have a hobbist's soul), collecting stamps, doing magic tricks, amateur drama playing, however music became my main hobby. For a living I do programming - it could have been vice versa, but to be honest according to my abillities I've choosen correctly.

How I made it to playing the mandolin? Even I don't remember that (actually I do, but it would be long to be written. If you're interested, come to a concert and ask it). I ran through playing chello, guitar, 5 string banjo and finally I arrived to the point when I don't want to look for a new instrument (yes, also this is not true, but I found any new instruments, I should have buy some and my wife would be angry for that. So the official answer is, that I don't look for new instruments).

Therefore I try to have fun on my 8 string mini instument. If I can reach that, it was worth it. If others can enjoy it too, than it was worth it even more, but you have to decide about that.

By the way, in my free time if I'm not playing music, I work with foosball tables: